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Some mil cool Military Anime images:

Military Anime
Image by wmamurphy

Anime Central 2008 037
Military Anime
Image by agius

TATE’S Not at Comic-Con! 7/26/14
Military Anime
Image by TATE’S
Photo archive of the TATE’S Not at Comic-Con event!
Took place on: July 26, 2014

For those unable to attend Comic-Con International in San Diego, TATE’S holds a yearly event intended to give a "taste" of the crazy con experience! These photos are from the 5th annual Not at Comic-Con event held at TATE’S.

Photo by: Dibbie Jane

TATE’S Not at Comic-Con 2014 was sponsored in part by: DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Marvel, Valiant, Legendary Entertainment, Zenescope

More info on TATE’S:

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