Chris Christie – Whoppers on the Bridge

A few mil nice Air Force Cartoon images I found:

Chris Christie – Whoppers on the Bridge

Image by DonkeyHotey
Christopher James Christie, Chris Christie, is the Governor of New Jersey and is frequently mentioned as a possible Republican Presidential contender for 2016. Christie is embroiled in a political retribution scandal involving the George Washington Bridge and Fort Lee, New Jersey. He held a press conference to answer questions about how his staff misbehaved.

The source image for this caricature of Governor Chris Christie is a Creative Commons licensed photo from Bob Jagendorf’s Flickr photostream. The George Washington Bridge is adapted from and Creative Commons image in Brian Snelson’s Flickr photostream. The road closed sign is from and image in the public domain from FEMA via Wikimedia. The helicopters are from public domain images from the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy (r-l).


Image by Chris_Short
In a coordinated effort involving military members and a professional photographer all senior leadership were paired up with a cartoon character.


Image by Steven Stehling
Fuze Testing
It’s even more fun in real life than the cartoons led me to believe.

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